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iTek Bluetooth CD Jukebox - Brown

iTek Bluetooth CD Jukebox - Brown

Play your tunes in style with the iTek Jukebox Station with CD Player and Radio. The retro wood enclosure is designed to look just like a jukebox and houses...

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Stylus Needle for 33, 45 & 78 rpm records - Fits iTek Record Players (Needle Stylus SR01) Fits: Most iTek and Akai Turntable Music Centres (GENUINE iTek brand)

GENUINE iTek Stylus to fit most iTek range of record players / turntables / music centres (Stylus needle type SR01). NOT a copy this is made by iTek. Please check you have the correct stylus before ordering as they cannot be returned once opened. Most Akai Record Players also use the iTek SR01 Stylus Needle.

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Ricatech RMC200 (Mk 2) Retro Nostalgic 5 in 1 Wooden Music Centre - HIGH QUALITY WOOD finish (2 YEAR Guarantee) 3 speed turntable - CD player - Cassette player - AM / FM Radio - External antenna for FM - Line in jack to Connect iPod, iPhone, iPad, MP3 player, Mobile Phone etc (plays music via the music centre large speakers) - 3.5mm headphone jack - Twin speakers (10 watt PMPO) – UK Model (Paprika)

5 in 1 music centre - HIGH QUALITY WOOD finish, better than many other brands (Mk II model - UK plugged). CD player - Cassette player - 3 speed turntable (33, 45 & 78 rpm). Line in jack = Connect your iPod, iPhone, iPad, MP3 player, Computer or Mobile Phone (plays the music from that device through the music centre speakers). 10 watt PMPO (2 x 2 watt RMS speakers). AM / FM Radio (external FM aerial) - 3.5mm headphone jack.

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iTek 2.1 Surround Sound with Bluetooth & Charging Station for iPhone 5,6,7 & 8

☆Plays & Charges iPhone 5,6,7 & 8☆. ☆Plays music wirelessly via Bluetooth music streaming☆. ☆Fully Functional Remote control~ mains powered ☆Bass, Treble, Volume Control☆. ~Gloss Black with silver trim ☆ 25 Watts Music Output ☆12 months Warranty☆. ~Brand New-in sealed retail boxes ☆ UK seller ☆Dispatched via 48hrs delivery service~.

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