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Selfie Stick Props Bundle

Selfie Stick Props Bundle

16 Advantage card points. Selfie Stick Props Bundle includes Glasses prop and Top hat prop. FREE Delivery on orders over 45 GBP.

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Bestway Kondor 2000 Pack Rubber Dinghy Set 188X98X30 cm, Red

Item Includes: dinghy, robust hand grips, all-round tether, 1 pair of 49 inch Ruder, 1 Bellows air step, self-adhesive repair patches. German and phone customer service - Our simple no quibble returns policy if not satisfied. Sport and outdoor popular brand, highest level of quality and design water sports, swimming, bathing, splash, pools - Creative Modern Arikel for this summer, safety security Schwimmwesten, swimming rings, and accessories for the pool, filler pump, pool pumps cleaning set Bestway.. Cleaning Kit, pool pumps, Whirlpool, spa, pillow, headrest, swimming aid, sand filter pump, steel frame pool, accessories, heating, paddling pool, swimming Island, swimming pool, Pumpenschlach, pool hose, landing net, rain cover, cover, Jacuzzi and Floß, air mattress, boot.. Meets all EU and US - Standards and requirements for the safety of toys (88/378/EEC Directive and 93/68/EWG) in terms of materials, and marking..

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