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Portobello Beads Rose Gold 16 Piece Cutlery Set

Portobello Beads Rose Gold 16 Piece Cutlery Set

Dine in style with this exquisite rose gold cutlery, inspired by classic regal elegance with a unique modern twist. Ideal for creating a distinctive and...

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Robert Frederick Portobello Owls Square Memo Block, Assorted

Portobello Owl Memo Block. Great for the office or to keep at home. Jot down your quick notes anywhere.

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Robert Frederick Tall Wiro Address Book Portobello Owls, Plastic, Assorted

Tall Wire Address Book. Designed in Lovely Portobello owls. Great to keep on your desk, by the phone or in your hand bag.

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Robert Frederick Wiro List Pads Portobello Owls, Plastic, Assorted

Portobello Paper Rose Owl Artwork Notes and Lists Writing Pad. Lined pages & luxurious padded cover. Ideal for keeping by the phone. Note pad measures 10 x 20 cm. Page measures 9.5 x 18 cm.

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Green & Black's Organic Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar, 100g (Pack of 5)

Green & Black's Organic 60% dark chocolate with inherent warmth from crystallised ginger. Every ingredient that goes into a Green & Black's Organic bar is of the finest organic quality. Green & Black's goes to serious lengths to make sure that Chinese ginger has just the right blend of heat and sweetness. This order comes with 5 bars of 100g each. Suitable for vegetarians.

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