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Russell Hobbs 21510 Aura Chop & Blend - White

Russell Hobbs 21510 Aura Chop & Blend - White

350 watts motor Unique Optiprep blade No Sharp ends Captures all ingredients Can be used for chopping and blending 2 x 1200ml capacity bowls Bowls...

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Russell Hobbs 23300 Freedom Cordless Iron, 2400 W, Purple/White

With a super-fast heat-up, the freedom cordless Iron will be ready for you to use and steam in just 30 seconds. When your iron begins to cool simply pop your iron back on its stand and the five second re-charge will have you ready to go again in no time. 40 g/min continuous steaming is enough to effortlessly remove creases from most materials however when you need that extra power a 135 g steam shot is on hand. Base light indicators will illuminate in different ways to display when your iron is heating, ready to use and when it's rec-charging.

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Russell Hobbs 2 Plate Mini Hot Plate Hob 15199, 1500 W - Stainless Steel

Compact, lightweight and portable. 1500 W large cooking plate, 750 W small cooking plate. Durable, stainless steel easy clean finish. Variable, independent temperature control. Non-slip feet.

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Russell Hobbs Textures 4-Slice Toaster 21651 - Black

Wide Slots - Ideal for toasting thicker items such as crumpets, tea cakes and thick slices of bread. Frozen, cancel and reheat functions. 275 mm x 290 mm x 198.5 mm. Removable crumb tray. Variable browning function.

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