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Kenwood CO606 Can Opener in Chrome

Kenwood CO606 Can Opener in Chrome

Please note: This product is not available in our shops for viewing. However, you can still place your order in store. Nobody likes fumbling with stubborn...

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Kuhn Rikon Slim Safety LidLifter/Can Opener, Aqua

Premium-quality can/tin opener - boasts a sleek, slim design and superb functionality. Designed for safe usage - opens cans/tins without cutting the metal (leaves no sharp edges on the rim or lid). Prevents cross-contamination/maximises hygiene - opener doesn't make contact with the contents of the can/tin. Lids are removed via mini-pliers/pincers once un-crimped/opened (no need to handle). Suitable for both right and left handed usage. Easy to transport - ideal for picnics, holidays etc. Wipe clean with a damp cloth (regular washing isn't necessary). Two-year guarantee.

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Ocama Electric Can Opener Fast Automatic Electric Bottle Can Jar Opener Smooth Edge One Touch Can Opener, Electric Can Openers for Seniors with Arthritis, No-Hands One Touch Can Opener

Especially designed for most jar which is difficult to open the cover.. If you press the button lightly, you can easily open the tank mouth in an instant.. It will automatically revolve around the mouth of the tank, labor saving and conveient.. Only four section five battery, can work..

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Automotive Keychain Vintage Gourd Bronze Creativity Accessories

In the eyes of the ancients, the gourd mouth is big and small, and it can well absorb the good gas fields in the house, and can effectively suppress and shake the bad gas fields, thus creating a suitable home environment.. Size: 14cm × 5cm × 2.5cm (maximum diameter); Net weight: about 27.1g. This gourd can be used not only as a single key ring, but also as a necklace pendant and accessories.. High-grade polished copper brass gourd shaped keychain, very practical.. Gourd Keychain is the perfect gift for home decoration, holiday gifts and is suitable for any room use..

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GZZ Stainless steel beer bottle opener, often with a simple soda bottle opener with magnet,white,Bottle opener

Gross weight: 40g. Color Category: White. Suitable for: beer. Material: ABS, stainless steel, magnet. Delivery time: 1-2 days, estimated arrival time: 9-25 days (If you need urgent order, please feel free to contact us.).

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