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Zyliss Hot Mug Cafetière - Blue
Price:  £8.00 from  The Hut
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Zyliss Hot Mug Cafetière - Blue
Zyliss Hot Mug Cafetière - Blue

Enjoy a freshly brewed coffee wherever you go with the Zyliss Hot Mug. Perfect for making a single cup of fresh coffee in the home or office without requiring a cafetière, the mug features a fine mesh plunger to compress the coffee grounds in the bottom of the mug and brew your favourite coffee. Double wall insulation and a securely fastened lid keeps the contents warm while also preventing spills when travelling. – A.D. Features: Brew a single mug of fresh cafetiere coffee Fine mesh filter compresses the coffee grounds Double wall insulation keeps coffee hotter for longer Lid for easy transportation and to keep contents warmer for longer Dishwasher safe

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Zyliss Hot Mug Cafetiere, Blue

Enjoy convenient and freshly-brewed coffee on the go. Single-serve cafeteria and mug with secure lid to avoid spills. Double-wall construction helps keep your drink hotter for longer. Suitable for all kinds of warm drinks including hot chocolate and tea. BPA free and dishwasher safe. Guaranteed for 5 years.

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Pack of 2 Zyliss Smart Cafe One Cup Coffee Cafetiere Cup Hot Mug Blue & Graphite

Pack of 2 Zyliss Smart Cafe One Cup Coffee Cafetiere Cup Hot Mug. Mix & Match Colours Of Your Choice.

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Set of 2 Zyliss Hot Mug 1 x Blue 1 x Black Cafetiere Mug Simply press the fine mesh filter to brew fresh coffee Double Wall to keep your beverage hotter for longer..

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