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Hotpoint Tumble Dryer Vent Hose Extension Kit 3 Meters Including Connector and Pins

Extends Your existing Hose By 3 Meters. Easy to Connect Fits all Current Vented Hotpoint Full Size And Compact Tumble Dryers. TVEL75C6G TVEL75C6P TVEM70C6G TVEM70C6P. TVFG65B6G TVFG65B6P TVFG85C6G TVFG85C6P TVFG85C6K. TVFM60V6P TVFM60C6G TVFM60C6P TVM570P TVYL655C6G TVYL655C6P TVYM650C6P, V3D01P, V3DO1P.

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