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The Elevate Breve Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Orange/Silver

The Elevate Breve Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Orange/Silver

The ELEVATE BREVE Portable Bluetooth Speaker combines high-end stereo sound with portability letting you enjoy your music wirelessly anywhere you want....

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SAMDI Wooden Laptop Stand/Wooden Cooling Stand Holder/Ventilated Laptop Stand Bracket Dock for MacBook Air/Pro Retina Laptop PC Notebook (White Birch)

SAMDI Stand Advantage: Great desk partners in the office and house. Elevates your laptop screen to a more comfortable, ergonomic, neck and back friendly height.. Features and Protection: SAMDI Laptop riser built-in air breathing slots network and fairshaped artwork combination complete a wonderful summer radiator to cool electronic product.Stabilizing front edge protect your notebook from sliding and scratching.. Compatibility: Universal Laptop stand for 11"-17" laptops, such as MacBook Air Pro, Lenvov Yoga Thinkpad, Dell Inspiron XPS Latitude, HP Envy Pavolion, Acer, etc., even these laptops with case on.. Neatly stores your keyboard when not in use, freeing up desk space,includes self adhesive 3M rubber feet for stability and non slip use.. What You Get: One SAMDI Laptop Stand, as well as our Lifetime Warranty Service. Offering you a full refund or a brand new replacement if you are not satisfied with it..

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Brand Brilliance: Elevate Your Brand, Enchant Your Audience

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The Breakthrough Webinar: Build an Audience, Deliver Value, and Elevate Your Brand in 3 Steps!

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Ybaymy 4 Pcs 6 Inch Bed Leg Risers Lifter Furniture Rubber-Black

Convenience to Elderly: For the elderly, it is getting harder to stand, and the chairs, sofas and beds in the home are higher. Ybaymy bed Furniture raisers could satisfy the demand of elderly.. Bed Storage Space: Perfect for small apartments, dorm rooms or anywhere additional space is needed, these bed risers elevate a bed to create underbed storage space.. Maximum capacity: 700kg/4 bed riser, Material: PP, Color: Black.. Shipment within UK, 100% original package, High quality. 100% Brand new.. Robust & Simple Install & Universal: Suitable for four-legged furniture: stools, chairs, sofas and beds etc. Excellent design provides a secure guarantee. The height of the leg is installed on the bed and the sofa is very stab. The installation is very simple, as long as you put the legs of the furniture in the left, you don't need any operation. When you put it in, the furniture goes up.

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